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Dogs Understand Your Relationship with Food

Humans share a special bond with food. Some people eat to live, but MainLine Munchies says live to eat. We spend a lot of time eating, so why not enjoy each and every bite? Some people won’t understand your love of food, but these dogs know how you feel.

When you see food, you immediately start drooling and until you get some, you won’t stop thinking about it.

Dog licking mouth repeatedly

You attend parties for the free food. As soon as you arrive, you scope out the food table. Your friends can find you later. Right now, your only concern is figuring out how to stack copious amounts of food on this tiny plate.

Dog uses chair to get food

If someone has food and you don’t, you WILL get some.

Dog takes food from kid

They really don’t have a choice.

Dog takes other dogs food

Seriously, nothing will stop you.

Dog licking food off baby's face

It amazes your friends how it can take you forever to go out, but when it comes to food, you are the first one there, fork in hand.

Dog eating standing up

You’re horrified when people ask for some of your food because you just don’t share food. At all. Ever.

When someone tries to take your food

Food fell on the floor? You’ll eat it. Five second rule, right?

Lazy dog

You have a few weird (yet awesome) food skills that your friends always insist you show off at parties.

Dog Eating Pizza

You don’t always look your best while devouring your meal…

Dog Eating Cabbage

Sometimes you look absolutely ridiculous. But, you’re enjoying yourself and you don’t have to look at you, so who cares, right?

Dog Eating Air

When you’re eating, you don’t stop until you’re done. No matter what happens.

Dog Eating, Kitten Attacks

Losing your food/realizing you have no food can send you into a panic, so you like to have your food close, whether you’re eating or not.

Dog Holding Treats in Mouth

Bottom line is: you love food. Dogs get it, we get it, so that makes us your new best friend, right?

Smiling gif

Seriously, though, mealtime is the best time of the day, so order some take-out courtesy of MainLine Munchies and…

Treat Yoself

You deserve it because you’re awesome.

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Need to get out of a tough situation? Food can help.

Have you ever been caught in an awkward situation and didn’t know how to get away? We’ve all been there. It can be difficult to escape once you’re stuck in an uncomfortable vortex of unpleasantness.

That’s why we devised 5 ways you can use food to get out of any situation.

Escape Route #1: 

Shove the closest edible thing in your mouth and feign a coughing fit. We suggest not actually choking, but if you’re that desperate, go for it.

Breakfast Club coughing

Why this works: The other person won’t be able to get a word in while you’re hacking up a lung and you can escape under the pretense that you need water.

Escape Route #2:

Pretend your stomach just growled and head to the closest eatery for a “snack.” We suggest running there to discourage anyone from following you.

Stomach Growl

Why this works: If you sprint away, the bringer of awkwardness should get the hint (at least for the moment). Warning: this tactic may not stop the persistent. If the person approaches you later, use another one of our handy strategies. One is bound to work.

Escape Route #3:

If you’re already eating, chew in an obnoxious manner. Leave your mouth open, smack your lips, do whatever it takes until they leave.

Chewing Amanda Bynes

Why this works: No one enjoys seeing someone else’s half-chewed food.

Theresa Disgusted

Escape Route #4: 

Sometimes you have to make an awkward situation even worse to make it go away. Try making strange comments to your food.

Robin want you inside me

Why this works: Isn’t it obvious?

Jack Sparrow Disgust

Escape Route #5:

Spill. A drink, food, on yourself, on someone else. Just spill.

Spill on others

Why this works: If someone spilled something on or near you, would you get up? Exactly.

Food is a great escape method, which is another reason why we love it so much. Try these tactics and let us know what happens! If you have other ideas, please share them. We food lovers have to stick together.

United we eat,

MainLine Munchies

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