Tell your parents what they want to hear

Are your parents coming to visit? Are you worried you might slip and tell them what you’ve actually been doing at college? MainLine Munchies is here to help. We’ve come up with ways to tell your parents what they want to hear without lying to them. They don’t need to know the negatives, so we’ve located the positive for you. It’s good to be optimistic, right?

**Truth: You’ve gotten in trouble with the university

Don’t want to tell your parents you got in trouble for doing something stupid?


Tell them you’re learning to handle your problems by yourself. They will be so happy.

Proud of you

**Truth: You have a pet and pets aren’t allowed in your dorm.

Even though this is what happens on a normal basis,

Bunny scared of balloon

Tell your parents you are learning how to be responsible and they will think this is what you mean:

Cat reading

**Truth: You’ve been partying every weekend

Instead of reenacting your epic dance moves from the last party you went to,

Bad Dancing

Tell your parents that you’re making lots of new friends and tons of great memories. They’ll think this is what you’ve been doing:


**Truth: You failed a test (or two)/are struggling in some (or all) of your classes

Your academic life may look a lot like this,

Dog doesn't make jump

But, when your parents ask about your classes, focus on your professors, not the work. Tell them your professors are great and that you’re getting to know some of them really well. They don’t need to know it’s because they are tutoring you after class…

**Truth: You skip class often

Going back to sleep wins over getting up for class everyday.


Don’t tell your parents you hit snooze seven times and then decide to skip your first class. Tell them you’re making sure you get enough sleep. Getting 8 hours a night is important and they will think you’re waking up super prepared for the day.

I'm awake

**Truth: You’ve become an expert at procrastinating and pulling all-nighters.

Most nights you’re trying hard to stay awake and finish your work.

Trying to stay awake

But, your parents don’t need to know that. Tell them you’re working on your time management skills and they’ll think you’ve got a good routine going, which is kind of true. I mean, good is a relative term. For example, naps are good.

So much to do

**Truth: You haven’t done your laundry in 2 months and you’re out of clean underwear.

While you’re currently a part of this,

No panties

Tell your parents you’ve come to appreciate everything they did for you when you lived at home (like doing your laundry every week). They will be so shocked, they probably will react like this and buy you things:

Marshall pillow aww

So there you have it–a guide to finding what your parents want to hear in what you’ve actually been doing at school. Don’t lie, just find the positive. And make sure you tell your parents you love them.

MainLine Munchies


Everybody Loves Food

Food is delicious, so it’s no surprise that people steal food from each other.

People putting names on food

Since you know other humans are likely to steal your palette pleasing dishes, you have learned how to anticipate and handle the situation.

Barney my food

Animals with their sneaky, food-snatching ways are another story. Check out these cheeky, bold critters who have no problem taking food from right under your nose.

You look done, so I’ll take that.

Monkey steals food from kid

Don’t mind me, just gotta get something.

Bear takes mushroom

Nothing but fish. Perfect form!

Bird steals food from pelicans

Just stopping by for some lunch.

Dog with cone steals food

Some banana? NOT TODAY!

Bird Steals Seagulls Food

Ninja squirrel gets in undetected and leaves no trace.

Squirrel steals food


Ninja bird

Oh, did you want to sit down? Let me help you with your food.

Dog moves chair

Oh hey, I heard you guys had too much food over here, so I’m just going to…GO GO GO RUN!

Raccoon steals food

Be on the lookout for these crafty little guys. We think you’re safest when you stay in, so order from and relax knowing that you and your food will be protected.

Have you ever had your food stolen by one of nature’s clever creatures? Share your story with us!

Ordering food isn’t quite as easy as pushing a button on your keyboard, but MainLine Munchies comes pretty close.

What are you waiting for? It’s never too early to start planning your next meal.

University students launch online food service

The Villanovan

Technology today has made it easy for college students throughout the country to order books,  movies,  concert tickets and now food online.  

Students nationwide base their decisions on convenience and the speed at which something can be done.  A recently launched student-run business is aiming to change the way University students order food on a daily basis. 

MainLine Munchies is an online service made for University students by University students. It is a site where students can log on, order their food from the restaurants listed and have it prepared for either delivery or pick-up. 

Students and residents no longer have to pick up the phone to call in orders. The MainLine Munchies website gives students access to the restaurants’ respective menus as well as the ability to order all on the same site. 

James Bradley, graduate software engineering student, is the founder and CEO of MainLine Munchies. He…

View original post 645 more words

Money, Money, Money

Here at MainLine Munchies we want you to pay for your food any way you choose. That’s why we are mighty proud to accept credit card, cash, AND college currency.

Credit cards are great…if you have one. Most college kids don’t and it’s a rare thing to carry cash these days. But, college currency, now that’s always with you. College currency is often tied to a card that gives you access to your dorm, academic buildings, and the dining hall. It’s basically the staple of college life. If you want to do anything or go anywhere, it comes with you. In terms of importance, it ranks right up there with your cell phone. So, when it comes to ordering food, of course you want to be able to use it. We know that, we get that, we’ve made it possible.

Here’s how you can go online, order food, and pay for it with your college currency:

Find a restaurant, drool over the menu, make your selections, end up at the checkout page. Once there, under payment method, select “college currency.” Magic boxes will appear. Type in your information and submit. From there, your information is safely transmitted to the restaurant where they process your payment. Nice, right?

Make your life easier, save the hard stuff for class, and order from

See ya when you’re hungry.

I mustache you a question…

Do you love mustaches?

Jimmy Fallon mustache

That 70s show mustache

Does your dog look like this?

Puppy mustache

Do you wish you knew where these birds live?

Bird mustache

Would you buy these 3 things in an instant?

Mustache hangers

Mustache Candy

Mustache Pillow

Does this happen often?

Dog Mustache

Would you love to party with this cat?

Mustache cat

Are you upset you didn’t know these exist until right now?

Mustache car

So fluffy!

Mustache car 2

If you answered yes to any of the above, you love mustaches about as much as the folks at MainLine Munchies love food. We think mustaches are pretty cool, so you might be on to something.

Put on a mustache, order from MainLine, and let us know if it makes food yummier, smells richer, and everything just a little better.

Cut Out Mustache

Putting on mustache

I really mustache on over to

Cute Puppy

This little guy is so cute, but he’s hungry.

Wouldn’t you rather be this cute and happily patting your full belly?

MainLine Munchies is here to make that happen. You handle the cuteness, we’ll handle the food.


It’s Hump Day, but it’s also the day you discover the awesomeness of MainLine Munchies.

This will be your reaction:

This is the Best

So check it out and let us help you find your next meal. Your taste buds and full belly will thank you.


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Restaurant Profile: Pacilio’s Pizza, Bryn Mawr, PA

I love eating pizza

You may not know about Pacilio’s Pizza, but you should. Tucked away near the Wawa in Bryn Mawr, they often get overlooked.  That changes today.

Pacilio’s may be a pizza place in name, but they are so much more than that.

Here are some reasons why we love Pacilio’s:

1.) All day breakfast. I repeat: all day breakfast

2.) You can get any sandwich on garlic bread. Our personal favorite: cheesesteak on garlic bread. Is your mouth watering? It should be.

3.) Ridiculously delicious burgers

4.) Wraps, calzones, salads, wings, pasta—their menu has everything

5.) Great food at a great low price

This place is a little known gem on the Main Line and we think it’s time it gets discovered.

To spread the word and fill the bellies of our friends on the Main Line, we’re raffling off a $20 gift certificate to Pacilio’s! To enter, just create an account on So simple. Head on over, create an account, check out the Pacilio’s menu, order, and see for yourself.

One more thing…cheesesteak on garlic bread! Ok, I think we made our point.

MainLine Munchies has Launched!


Peek-a-boo cat

That’s amazing!

I need to go order!

Cat Excited

That’s right, folks. MainLine Munchies is live! Head on over and treat yourself to something delicious.

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