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University students launch online food service

The Villanovan

Technology today has made it easy for college students throughout the country to order books,  movies,  concert tickets and now food online.  

Students nationwide base their decisions on convenience and the speed at which something can be done.  A recently launched student-run business is aiming to change the way University students order food on a daily basis. 

MainLine Munchies is an online service made for University students by University students. It is a site where students can log on, order their food from the restaurants listed and have it prepared for either delivery or pick-up. 

Students and residents no longer have to pick up the phone to call in orders. The MainLine Munchies website gives students access to the restaurants’ respective menus as well as the ability to order all on the same site. 

James Bradley, graduate software engineering student, is the founder and CEO of MainLine Munchies. He…

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Restaurant Profile: Pacilio’s Pizza, Bryn Mawr, PA

I love eating pizza

You may not know about Pacilio’s Pizza, but you should. Tucked away near the Wawa in Bryn Mawr, they often get overlooked.  That changes today.

Pacilio’s may be a pizza place in name, but they are so much more than that.

Here are some reasons why we love Pacilio’s:

1.) All day breakfast. I repeat: all day breakfast

2.) You can get any sandwich on garlic bread. Our personal favorite: cheesesteak on garlic bread. Is your mouth watering? It should be.

3.) Ridiculously delicious burgers

4.) Wraps, calzones, salads, wings, pasta—their menu has everything

5.) Great food at a great low price

This place is a little known gem on the Main Line and we think it’s time it gets discovered.

To spread the word and fill the bellies of our friends on the Main Line, we’re raffling off a $20 gift certificate to Pacilio’s! To enter, just create an account on So simple. Head on over, create an account, check out the Pacilio’s menu, order, and see for yourself.

One more thing…cheesesteak on garlic bread! Ok, I think we made our point.

MainLine Munchies has Launched!


Peek-a-boo cat

That’s amazing!

I need to go order!

Cat Excited

That’s right, folks. MainLine Munchies is live! Head on over and treat yourself to something delicious.

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3, 2, 1…

Rocket Launch


Order your next meal from us and enjoy the convenience of online ordering. — Never be hungry AGAIN!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

MainLine Munchies launches in a week! Can you believe it?! We’re so excited that we could jump up and down like this jello dude:


In fact, the whole office actually looks like this:


with a little bit of this mixed in,


a smidge of this,

Minion excited 1

and a whole lot of this.

Excited Geese

There’s a reason we are so excited. Visit and see what all the fuss is about.


Hungry? We can fix that.

MainLine Munchies is launching in 9 days! That’s right—August 22nd we go live! Mark your calendars. We’ll see ya on the flip side. (It’s a burger joke. Get it? No? I’m bunned. Bummed, bunned—see what I did there? Not good? I give up).

Keep checking in to see the cool stuff we’re doing.


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