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Tell your parents what they want to hear

Are your parents coming to visit? Are you worried you might slip and tell them what you’ve actually been doing at college? MainLine Munchies is here to help. We’ve come up with ways to tell your parents what they want to hear without lying to them. They don’t need to know the negatives, so we’ve located the positive for you. It’s good to be optimistic, right?

**Truth: You’ve gotten in trouble with the university

Don’t want to tell your parents you got in trouble for doing something stupid?


Tell them you’re learning to handle your problems by yourself. They will be so happy.

Proud of you

**Truth: You have a pet and pets aren’t allowed in your dorm.

Even though this is what happens on a normal basis,

Bunny scared of balloon

Tell your parents you are learning how to be responsible and they will think this is what you mean:

Cat reading

**Truth: You’ve been partying every weekend

Instead of reenacting your epic dance moves from the last party you went to,

Bad Dancing

Tell your parents that you’re making lots of new friends and tons of great memories. They’ll think this is what you’ve been doing:


**Truth: You failed a test (or two)/are struggling in some (or all) of your classes

Your academic life may look a lot like this,

Dog doesn't make jump

But, when your parents ask about your classes, focus on your professors, not the work. Tell them your professors are great and that you’re getting to know some of them really well. They don’t need to know it’s because they are tutoring you after class…

**Truth: You skip class often

Going back to sleep wins over getting up for class everyday.


Don’t tell your parents you hit snooze seven times and then decide to skip your first class. Tell them you’re making sure you get enough sleep. Getting 8 hours a night is important and they will think you’re waking up super prepared for the day.

I'm awake

**Truth: You’ve become an expert at procrastinating and pulling all-nighters.

Most nights you’re trying hard to stay awake and finish your work.

Trying to stay awake

But, your parents don’t need to know that. Tell them you’re working on your time management skills and they’ll think you’ve got a good routine going, which is kind of true. I mean, good is a relative term. For example, naps are good.

So much to do

**Truth: You haven’t done your laundry in 2 months and you’re out of clean underwear.

While you’re currently a part of this,

No panties

Tell your parents you’ve come to appreciate everything they did for you when you lived at home (like doing your laundry every week). They will be so shocked, they probably will react like this and buy you things:

Marshall pillow aww

So there you have it–a guide to finding what your parents want to hear in what you’ve actually been doing at school. Don’t lie, just find the positive. And make sure you tell your parents you love them.

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