13 Non-Dads who have had Dad Moments

Have you ever thought of a dad joke? Are you the type to blurt it out right then and there or do you keep it to yourself and store it in the mental vault for later?  Whatever your style, you’re not alone. Here are 14 people who have embraced the spirit of dad jokes despite the fact that they aren’t dads (yet).

1.) New twist on an old favorite.

Classic Dad Joke

2.) Follow the lead of these wise dad jokers. They can teach you how to tread the tricky waters of puns.

Follow their lead

3.) This kid could use some more lessons. You have to be one with the dad.

Not ready for dad joke battles

4.) This kid understands and embraces the comedic gold of dad jokes.

Dad joke rash

5.) It’s not always enough to possess the ability to spout dad jokes. Rule #1: Make sure your opponent is willing to play.

Dad joke failure

6.) Sometimes dad moments happen when no one is around to appreciate them. Just let it happen.

Chandler dad moment

7.) Moms like to tell dad jokes too. Maybe because they have spent so many years listening to them…

Dad Mom Joke

8.) The true dad joke artist doesn’t prepare jokes ahead of time. He spouts them in response to his situation, like so:





9.) They are also good at taking something serious and transforming it into humor (or at least an attempt at humor).

Dad joke watch

10.) Do phones have personalities? It seems this one does.

Dad joke phone

11.) Dad jokes can be shared among friends.

Thyme dad joke

12.) While it’s great to fire off puns, the dad joke connoisseur knows when a perfectly timed joke is better than multiple random ones.

Sea Dad Joke

13.) If you have reached this level of awesome, there is nothing left to teach you. Share your wisdom with others, ignore the eye rolls, and find someone who will have these kind of exchanges with you:

Dad Joke Exchange

Remember: If you have to explain your joke, you’re doing it wrong.





You could have a dad moment too. Here’s some jokes to start you off and get those dad-like creative juices flowing: https://mainlinemunchiesblog.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/brush-up-on-your-dad-humor/.

Now go forth and spread dad jokes to all who will listen.


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