15 Dogs who are Really Digging Halloween this Year

Dressing up for Halloween is fun, but do you know what’s even more fun? Dressing up your dog. Check out these dogs who are rocking their costumes. You could learn a few things from their commitment.

1.) There ain’t enough room in this town for the both of us…

Dog Sheriff

There’s a new sheriff in town. He’s taking prisoners and you don’t want to be one of them. Just look at his no-nonsense mustache. He means business.

2.) I’m a greyhound. Uh, I mean giraffe.

Dog giraffe

Who let this guy out of the zoo? He’s got this giraffe thing down. Look at his tall stature, majestic shadow, and convincing background (that could definitely be the savanna). Nice work.

3.) What a cute little banana

Dog Banana

This dog is just about the cutest thing ever. He’s so happy to be a banana and he pulls it off.

4.) Ahhh a skunk! Runnnnn

Dog skunk

Oh, wait, it’s just a dog. No need to panic, silly. This guy is channeling his inner skunk (and his inner diva). Work that extended tail!

5.) Look at me! I’m a walrus!

Dog Seal

This dog is definitely in character. He’s got the sad endangered species look down and he will exploit your weakness for cuteness, so get those treats ready.

6.) I vant to suck your blood!

Dog Vampire

Look at those teeth! Grab some garlic and, whatever you do, don’t invite him in!

7.) Arrrr, matey!

Dog Pirate

Captain Jack Sparrow? Is that you? This dog could be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. He’s got all the makings of a great pirate–the hair, the threatening scowl, and even the booty.

8.) I’m innocent I tell you! Innocent!

Dog Prisoner

I don’t know what his crime was (maybe he ate all the bacon?), but this poor guy is definitely not on the sheriff’s good side.

9.) Just going for a swim…

Dog diver

Fins: check. Oxygen tank: check. Wet suit: check. Mask and snorkel: check, check. This guy has all the markings of a diver. Maybe he will teach you his ways if you ask nicely and offer him a bone.

10.) Me thinks my costume is better than yours.

Dog Yoda          Dog Vader

A war could break out between these two any moment. Get your light saber and choose a side.

11.) Break me off a piece of that…

Dog Kit Kat

What a duo. For the sake of Halloween, these two agreed to be bound to each other the whole night. Do you have the same dedication to your costume?

12.) Mooooove over. I’m going to win the costume contest.

Dog Cow

Don’t ask this guy to go upstairs. You’ll never get him back down.

(Get it? ‘Cause he’s a cow and cows can only go up, not down, stairs. It’s funny.)

13.) Harry and Hermione–dog edition.

Dog Harry Potter

Corgis are cute no what they do, but these two are precious. Just look at their pipe cleaner glasses!

14.) iDog here. Programmed to love cuddling, give wet kisses, and chase squirrels.


There are some kinks that need work (chewing shoes, peeing on the carpet, etc.), but this robot dog is still man’s best friend.

15.) Siri, find the closest dog park.

Dog iPhone

You only have your dog as your wallpaper? Try using your dog as your phone. Side effects may include a slobbery screen, frequent squirrel chases while trying to text, and inability to sit still, but the cute factor will make up for that.

And….a bonus one because it’s just too cute.

Gumby and Horse

Gumby and Pokey–an unstoppable pair.

Halloween is as fun as you make it, so why not go all out this year? Coordinate with friends or fly solo. Just make sure you rock it!

What do you plan to be this Halloween? Will your pet be sporting a new look? Send a picture of you (or your pet) dressed up to info@mainlinemunchies.com. Title the email “Halloween” and you could be featured on our Facebook page!


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