Basketball Season is Upon Us

The leaves are falling from the trees, the air is getting cooler, and that means it’s time for college basketball! To celebrate this occasion, here are 15 of the funniest basketball fails on the internet. Let’s hope the team you’re rooting for doesn’t have anything like this happen.

15.) Bulky necklaces are so last season…

Basketball little kid fail

14.) Basketball is only for the well-balanced.

Basketball slippery

13.) Nothing, but…nothing, just nothing.

Basketball free throw short

12.) This must happen all the time. No sign of concern from the friend.

Basketball friend unconcerned after fail

11.) Basketball is a team sport, which means…never mind. Not important.

Basketball high five fail

Sometimes your teammates are your downfall. He was golden until…

He was golden until...

10.) It isn’t a good idea to stand under a basketball net.

Basketball hit kid

9.) Or walk under one for that matter. Ever.

Basketball backward fail

8.) When dunking, make sure the hoop is secure.

Dunk backboard break

7.) Seriously, that wasn’t a joke.

Basketball jump shot fail

6.) Mixing trampolines and basketball will NOT end well.

Basketball trampoline fail

Where’s the ball?

Trampoline 2

This is going to be so cool! Or not…

Trampoline basketball fail

5.) Not sure what the goal was here…

Basketball self dunk fail

4.) Basketball hoop, baseball bat, and soccer ball. I think he’s confused.

Basketball hoop baseball bat

3.) It’s best not to mix sports.

Angle miscalculation


Don't mix sports

2.) That face is priceless.

Basketball reaction after fail

1.) Sometimes the best fail is one that should have gone horribly wrong, but ended up being awesome instead.

Basketball pool win

I know what I’m doing at my next pool party.

No matter what team you’re rooting for this season, remember to have fun and laugh off the fails. So throw on your bball gear, grab some friends, and enjoy with your favorite munchies.

MainLine Munchies


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