Food’s Here!

Sunday=football day. You’ve got your jersey on and remote in hand. The only thing that’s missing is food. So, you go to and order some delicious sustenance. Now all you have to do is wait.

Waiting little boy

At last, the doorbell rings…your food is here! Everyone reacts differently to that moment when the wait is over. If you haven’t decided on a “food’s here” gleeful celebration, try these wonderfully delicious exhibitions of joy.

Put a big smile on your face. Your hunger will be gone soon.

Big Smile

Gasp, mouth open, and enjoy the rush of happiness.

Food is Here 2

Laugh gleefully and pump your arms up and down like you’re playing the drums.

Food is Here 9

Get on top of the nearest table, throw your hands in the air, and wave them around. Then get down (carefully) and get your food!

Food is Here 3

Put your fists up and shout triumphantly. Yeah!

Happy shout

Hands up, head back, let out your best evil villain laugh. Mwahahaha (that was mine).

Food is Here 10

Break out in your best end zone/touchdown dance.

Endzone Dance

Hop, skip, and jump to the door like a leprechaun.

Food is Here 7

Or, just wait in front of the door until the food’s here. It’s up to you.

When I'm waiting for my food to be delivered...

We all love that moment when our food arrives. Order from, capture your “food’s here!” celebration, and share it with us ( You could be featured on our Facebook page!


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