Everybody Loves Food

Food is delicious, so it’s no surprise that people steal food from each other.

People putting names on food

Since you know other humans are likely to steal your palette pleasing dishes, you have learned how to anticipate and handle the situation.

Barney my food

Animals with their sneaky, food-snatching ways are another story. Check out these cheeky, bold critters who have no problem taking food from right under your nose.

You look done, so I’ll take that.

Monkey steals food from kid

Don’t mind me, just gotta get something.

Bear takes mushroom

Nothing but fish. Perfect form!

Bird steals food from pelicans

Just stopping by for some lunch.

Dog with cone steals food

Some banana? NOT TODAY!

Bird Steals Seagulls Food

Ninja squirrel gets in undetected and leaves no trace.

Squirrel steals food


Ninja bird

Oh, did you want to sit down? Let me help you with your food.

Dog moves chair

Oh hey, I heard you guys had too much food over here, so I’m just going to…GO GO GO RUN!

Raccoon steals food

Be on the lookout for these crafty little guys. We think you’re safest when you stay in, so order from MainLineMunchies.com and relax knowing that you and your food will be protected.

Have you ever had your food stolen by one of nature’s clever creatures? Share your story with us!


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