Money, Money, Money

Here at MainLine Munchies we want you to pay for your food any way you choose. That’s why we are mighty proud to accept credit card, cash, AND college currency.

Credit cards are great…if you have one. Most college kids don’t and it’s a rare thing to carry cash these days. But, college currency, now that’s always with you. College currency is often tied to a card that gives you access to your dorm, academic buildings, and the dining hall. It’s basically the staple of college life. If you want to do anything or go anywhere, it comes with you. In terms of importance, it ranks right up there with your cell phone. So, when it comes to ordering food, of course you want to be able to use it. We know that, we get that, we’ve made it possible.

Here’s how you can go online, order food, and pay for it with your college currency:

Find a restaurant, drool over the menu, make your selections, end up at the checkout page. Once there, under payment method, select “college currency.” Magic boxes will appear. Type in your information and submit. From there, your information is safely transmitted to the restaurant where they process your payment. Nice, right?

Make your life easier, save the hard stuff for class, and order from

See ya when you’re hungry.


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