16 signs you love food more than anything else

Everybody eats, but some people have a deeper, more intense connection to food than others. We at MainLine Munchies have an undying love for all things edible. We compiled this list of 16 signs that you too are a food lover and thus our new best friend.

If you’ve already got a snack in hand, we know where you stand and we love your dedication.


1.) Whenever you go somewhere, you always ask

Is there food here

2.) You aggressively distinguish between “like” and “love.”

Love not like food

3.) You look like this any time you see/eat/order food.

Excited for Food

4.) This is a common occurrence during meals.

Dance and Eat

5.) When someone says they are on a diet

Marty McFly

6.) When the waiter is chatty about the menu

Joey can I eat it

7.) Your response to everything

Robin But Food

8.) When someone throws out food without asking if you want it first

Throwing out food

9.) How you make all your decisions

How you make decisions

10.) When someone catches you eating their food

Want food

11.) How you access a relationship


12.) You on the weekends

Only leave to get food

13.) How you talk about food

Eating is a Hobby

14.) When you smell food

OMG Food

15.) When someone steals your food at work

Food is good thing in life

16.) How you would describe your relationship to food


Here at MainLine Munchies we understand and appreciate your love of food. We believe you should spend more time eating and less time ordering. That’s why we created MainLineMunchies.com. Check it out, order some food, and enjoy!


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